Church and State:
The Establishment Clause
The Free Exercise Clause

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The loss of First Amendment freedoms in America is one of the great underpublicized tragedies of our time.



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The broadest and noblest governmental grant of religious liberty ever given to mankind is that in the First Amendment's free exercise clause.

Read about how, as surely as the World Trade Towers are down, this grand and holy protection is now gone!


The Religious Right, with the Labor Movement, the Civil Rights Movement and the Women's Movement, is one of the four leading social movements of the Twentieth Century

The Growth of the Religious Right

The Religious Right in Historical Context

17th Century. The Roger Williams--John Cotton Debates

18th Century. The James Madison--Patrick Henry Debate.

20 and 21st Century. The Religious Right--Forward to the Past

















The Establishment Clause: Funeral or Finest Hour?

Establishing the History of the Establishment Clause

School Prayer: When God is Not Enough.

Prayer in School--Has the Supreme Court Taken God Out of the Classroom? The focus of this paper is the various interest groups involved in school prayer issue.

Special Study:

Is a Religious Liberty Amendment to the Constitution a solution to our current crisis of liberty?


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The FREEDOM FORUM FIRST AMENDMENT CENTER of Vanderbuilt University is a good site for monitoring current cases involving issues of freedom.

Tom Peter's page on the separation of church and state...

The Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs is a sixty year old, non-profit religious liberty organization. Its site now contains; speeches by James Dunn, Brent Walker, and Melissa Rogers, as well as institutional position statements, on-line editions of their newsletter, and even more publications about religious liberty. Please stop by and have a look at this constantly growing resource for lovers of religious liberty.  They welcome feedback...

  • Baptist Joint Committee
  • 200 Maryland Ave., N.E.
  • Washington, DC 20002
  • 202-544-4226  Jim Allison and Susan Batte, a lawyer and a member of the US Supreme Court bar, have put together a page about the church/state debate with info about court battles, proposed amendments, state action and church / state events.

*  This site is filled with great resource links for students of religious liberty. Non-sectarian, eclectic.










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