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Bitcoin Cash Wallet

So far, not all wallets that have worked with the old coin have agreed to service the new one. But the list is already pretty impressive:

  • Bitcoin Classic
  • BXT;
  • Bitcoin ABC;
  • Bitcoin Ultimate
  • Trezor;
  • Electron Cash.

Let’s examine the installation using the example of a BXT wallet:

  1. required to go to the site;
  2. select the installation file for your OS;
  3. select a folder and install the program in it;
  4. after installation is complete, you need to select a directory for the backup storage of blocks.

Having completed the installation, you will have to go through the synchronization procedure via the Internet. How much time it takes depends entirely on the power of the computer and the speed of the Internet. If there is an up-to-date archive of blocks, then it can be slipped into the Bitcoin Cash wallet folder manually. This will save you from the slow Internet factor.

You can store BCH directly on exchanges, but this is a dangerous method. Hacker attacks or exchange issues with government regulators can bring an unpleasant surprise.

How and where can I exchange Bitcoin Cash

Buying Bitcoin Cash is quite simple. Today, many exchanges and exchangers provide an opportunity for direct purchase of coins. The most convenient way is through BestChange.

The site provides a list of online exchange points where you can buy or sell BCH. It is also possible to directly withdraw money to a Sberbank card.

It should be noted that the current situation with Bitcoin Cash in the exchange market is very favorable. Most often, such young currencies rarely manage to be bought directly without tricks like “buy an old cryptocurrency and exchange it for a new one on the exchange”. The new cue ball is as accessible as the old.

How to earn coins

There are certain nuances with Bitcoin Cash mining. On the one hand, the mining technology is exactly the same as the old version of the coin. On the other hand, the price of a coin is much lower, that is, the benefit from mining Bitcoin Cash is also less. This factor so far scares old miners from the new currency. However, if desired, there are no problems with BCH mining. The rules and requirements of the game are exactly the same as the classic coin. If you want real profit, stock up on a powerful farm or join a pool.

In general, the idea of ​​starting to mine BCH may pay dividends in the future. It is worth remembering that the cache mining market is not yet divided, unlike ordinary bitcoin. Starting now, you can grab a good piece of the pie in the future.

If you decide to do mining, remember that it will require you to have a very serious technical base, a reliable and “greasy” power line and the ability to interact with the pool. Alone mining of bitcoins is almost impossible. Costs will gobble up all revenue without a balance. However, having poured in or created a pool, you can get a very good profit. And considering that the prospects of Bitcoin Cash can reach the first place at the top of cryptocurrencies, the minimum income today can grow into mega-income tomorrow.

If you do not have opportunities for mining, then you can use Bitcoin Cash taps. You won’t get big profits from this method, but no costs are required. Cranes are called small advertising sites that pay registered users to perform small tasks.

Tasks are most often of the following types:

  • filling captcha;
  • clicking banners;
  • participation in various games;
  • lotteries.

There are Bitcoin Cash taps that do not require any action at all. Just be on the site. The question arises: “what is the benefit for the site crane?”. The answer is simple – advertising. Cranes place tons of ads on their pages. And the user receives, in fact, a reward for cheating views on advertised sites. Bitcoin Cash has all the same features as the classic but is more attractive in the distant future.

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