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Technical features of the Einsteinium cryptocurrency

Einsteinium, like any other electronic currency, has a number of features and differences from previously observed Bitcoin. Since this is still a fundraiser, their target areas and main activities can be seen on the site. The resource was also founded three years ago, along with the launch of EMC2 coins. The well-known Pruofofork, which means “proof of work”, acts as a method of protecting the entire system. The selected script algorithm was recognized as uninterrupted, so they are not going to change it in the coming months. The coins received a trading symbol – EMC2, to simplify the full name of crypto money.

By the end of this year, the capitalization of Einsteinium will reach 116 million US dollars. Experts are sure that this is not even the peak of her capital, but only the beginning. The price of coins was set at around 0.54 dollars, which is pretty good, given the high competition. The system’s functionality is based on the functionality of POI. All its features are described in detail on our website: Other platforms for their activities choose the same algorithm. It should be noted that the highest emission level was 299 million Einsteincoins.

Einsteinium Foundation

The new currency was created on the basis of the Einsteinium Foundation – its main fund. He collects funds and distributes them to support the life of new projects. The fund account is replenished monthly. The main source of income is the miners themselves, who are engaged in mining Einsteinium. From each earned package, they are required to deduct 2 percent of the company’s fund. The creators of Einsteinium are sure that this small contribution is available to every miner. The project to which the grants will be sent is chosen by the users themselves by voting. It is imperative that the goal includes the following points:

  • social importance;
  • research activities;
  • the presence of innovation;
  • transparency of the project itself.

The foundation raised the first funds raised by the project for the study of cancer in humans.

Mining features

Einsteinium is a project of Canadian developers. It can be called a foundation with a charity mission. One of its creators during the interview noted that each scientific research can be compared with a long-term investment in your future and the future of the world as a whole. To cover the maximum number of people, Einsteinium earns money on all exchanges. Coins can pay for any goods and services. More and more users are starting to invest in scientific research because Einsteinium wallets should be open to a wide audience.

The Canadian Foundation has become the first official nonprofit organization to spend money on e-currency research. A lot of exchange offices have appeared in the Internet community that is ready to exchange their currency for any other money in the world. Now the founders of the Einsteinium Foundation are hoping for grants and strong relationships with other charitable foundations. This will support any scientific breakthroughs, no matter where they come from.

As noted above, Einsteinium mining can take place in any available exchange. The mining of this system is divided into the so-called Epochs. Each of them can mine about 36 thousand blocks of coins and lasts for 25 days. That is, this block is cyclical and on the 26th day, the next project is selected for deduction of donation.

Cryptocurrency Einsteinium runs on a POW script algorithm and, in total, has nearly 300 million coins. These are the data for November of this year. Of each block, 2.5 percent goes directly to the Einsteinium Fund. After that, another 2 percent goes to research in the scientific field, and as much as 5 percent is directed to the development of marketing. From the same percentage of deductions, miners will receive their personal reward, thus, Einsteinium earns.

The current exchange rate of EMC2 against the dollar is as follows:

It is noted that fluctuations in the course of Einsteinium are insignificant. All of them can be seen on the candlestick chart.

Cryptocurrency EMC2, like any other, will gain good prospects for development only if users come to it. A very large number of them are needed to maintain the Einsteinium exchange rate and the stability of crypto money as such. Now she has a steady and steady increase, which is already not bad.

Cryptocurrency Einsteinium has several advantages over other crypto money:

  • the project has charitable purposes;
  • bet on the future, which is important for absolutely everyone;
  • the availability of mining Einsteinium;
  • the ability to buy goods and services for EMC2;
  • instant money transfers to any account.

Analysts in the Asian market believe that Einsteinium deserves attention as an object of investment. They predict that next year there will be a positive jump in the rate of this currency. At the moment, you can find only an incomplete overview of the Einsteinium currency, so users expect more information from the developers. Perhaps in the near future, the prospects of Einsteinium will grow several times, and this electronic currency can become a serious competitor to Bitcoin.

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