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Economic Forecast for EOS

Possible options for the development of the fate of the EOS course jump from “everything is bad” to “deafening success”.

In favor of a good outcome, they say:

  • promising program code, system architecture;
  • developer experience;
  • good start;
  • growing investor interest.

But pessimism, if not paradoxical, feeds the figure of Larimer. There is no doubt that Daniel’s great past experience should be an encouraging factor. But there is a nuance. Larimer left many projects at the beta testing stage. The projects were picked up by investors, despite the departure of one of the founders, but not everything turned out as smoothly as Daniel said in advertising speeches.

True, Larimer himself claims that his departure was associated exclusively with disagreements in the team. Being a leader in EOS, he excludes his departure, as he has the right of a decisive word in disputes on optimizing the quality of the final product.

For 2018, the EOS rate is likely to fluctuate around $ 2.5. The fork of fluctuations is quite wide: from falling to $ 1 to new leaps to the level of $ 5 per coin.

But after the transition to a full-fledged full version in 2018 (if it takes place according to the plan), the course may well begin to skyrocket.

Today’s EOS to dollar rate:

Wallets for EOS

EOS has already provided the opportunity to register an EOS wallet on its website. The procedure is simple and intuitive. To register, you will need to fill out the minimum data. The system does not ask for personal data. User anonymity is one of the priorities of the developers.

In addition, EOS coins can be stored in the following EOS multi-wallets:

  • exodus;
  • Jaxx;
  • Poloniex;
  • bittrex;
  • coinbase.

But still, storage on the official EOS wallet is more secure.

How and where to buy EOS

The easiest way to get EOS tokens is to buy them on a standard exchange. Due to the youth of the currency, exchanges for the most part still ignore eos. So the exchange remains the best option.

Today, EOS trades on:

  • Com;
  • bitfinex;
  • Kraken;
  • HitBTC

It should be remembered that exchanges exchange “cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency”. So if you want to buy EOS on the exchange, you first need to get coins of old cryptocurrencies. For example, bitcoins or ethers. This can be done, for example, by monitoring BestChange.

The second way to make EOS is more exotic, although it is an initiative of the developers themselves. Larimer and the company decided to introduce tokens in the global financial system in batches. Periodically, a certain amount of new tokens is thrown. Casting time – 23 hours. During this time, everyone can invest in a kind of common fund. After the end of the 23-hour period, all participants who invested receive the amount of EOC coins proportional to the share of their contribution to the total fund.

This method is riskier since it is difficult to accurately calculate how much EOS you can earn on exit. Risks give a chance to get coins much cheaper than on exchanges.

How to earn EOS

EOS mining is not yet possible, as coins are distributed within the ether network. What is the fate of EOS mining after the transition to an independent platform is still unclear? So far, it is very likely that there will be no EOS mining in the classical sense of bitcoins and ethers in the new cryptocurrency.

With EOS taps, too, is not yet thick. A crane is an advertising site that pays a user a fee for registration. There are cranes that pay simply for being on them. More often you have to complete simple tasks to fill in captcha or switch to banners. There are also options for tasks with lotteries.

Alas, Yosy, due to their youth, are so far ignored by such sites. However, this situation is likely to change after the release of the full version of the platform.

The EOS cryptocurrency, without a doubt, is very promising. Completely new software solutions in the system architecture, an experienced team, and good potential make the prospects of EOS very attractive. And while miners are still weakly interested due to the unknown conditions and the possibility of EOS mining, exchange players are already watching with interest the development of a new coin.

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