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The NAWcoin cryptocurrency is the first and, to date, the only fully anonymous coin. It is unique in its kind because information about the operations performed is deleted even from the IP address. The transaction of this currency is very fast, which makes it more convenient.

NAVcoin cryptocurrency review

Newcoin cryptocurrency is an anonymous Internet coin, the system of which is based on bitcoin, blockchain technology. She uses a sub-chain to process confidential transfers. The currency is unique in its kind and has many advantages and features:

  1. Coin transfer takes 30 seconds regardless of distance. Thanks to this transaction, it is great for buying and retailing and e-commerce.
  2. The nav cryptocurrency uses Proof of Stake, with which you can add as much as 5% to your investments using a newcoin wallet in betting mode.
  3. All private transfers are completely anonymous because they are completely encrypted and carried out on a secondary sub-chain.
  4. For the production of Newcoins, expensive equipment and server farms are not needed. To conduct NAVcoin mining, an ordinary computer is enough.
  5. In the future, cryptocurrency will participate in very ambitious projects, which will allow many entrepreneurs to significantly replenish their investments.
  6. The system notifies its customers of updates and weekly progress. Using this automated operation, you can predict the future fate of the currency.
  7. Newcoin is growing steadily from year to year. We can safely say that this coin has a very bright future.
  8. NAWcoin cryptocurrency is supported by influential entrepreneurs who help the system improve.
  9. The coin is constantly being updated along with bitcoin. This means that it gets all the same advantages as the world-famous, popular currency.

History of occurrence

The history of Newcoin begins in 2014. It was first used in the digital asset market. Now the coin is gaining popularity every year. The creator of the newcoin is Soopy. He is a major cryptocurrency developer. In general, the team created the coin, which included high-class engineers, managers, and business configurators. Each employee was entrusted with a specific task and thanks to such a system of work, a unique cryptocurrency with a completely confidential transaction arose.

Features and principle of operation

Speaking about the individual features of Newcoin cryptocurrency, you can highlight the main points in working with a coin:

  • fast transaction;
  • productive mining of new coins through mining;
  • anonymous translation system – information about each client remains confidential.

To date, the NAVcoin exchange rate varies within 54 rubles. 61 million of this Internet coin were launched into circulation. With the turnover of all Newcoins, earnings are 95 million rubles. The coin is stored in NAVcoin wallets, which are under reliable protection, and all user data is fully encrypted and unknown to other entrepreneurs.

Unlike Bitcoin

Comparing the nav cryptocurrency with bitcoins, several differences can be distinguished:

  • with Newcoins, block generation takes 15 seconds, and with Bitcoin – 10 minutes;
  • in order to earn a newcoin, an ordinary computer is enough, and in the case of bitcoins, expensive computing equipment with high power is required and it is almost impossible to mine them yourself;
  • nav appeared on the global financial market relatively recently, but have already earned a good reputation, and bitcoins are trying to maintain their popularity throughout their existence;
  • unlike Bitcoin, NAVcoin is a completely anonymous system and even the conduct of a transaction is unknown to anyone.

Newcoin is very similar to Bitcoin because the developers are trying to update the coin along with the already known cryptocurrency. It is no secret that among all existing currencies nav has long held the third place in the ranking and, quite possibly, will become the main competitor of Bitcoin.

Course Forecasts

If we study the NAVcoin exchange rate in detail, we can note a rather significant fluctuation of the coin value over a wide range. This can even be said by looking at the daily statistics. This is not surprising, because everyone knows that investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky investment. The course of online coins is difficult to maintain and predict.

If you look at currency statistics for the last month, you can see periodic strong jumps in the exchange rate. In just 3 days, the cost can increase from 50 rubles to 70. Studying the testimony for 3 months, you can highlight a little stability when the price fluctuated around 45-55 rubles. Sometimes the rate reached even 90 rubles per coin. Now the rate is 54 rubles per coin, which indicates the good prospects of NAVcoin.

If we take into account only the prospects of NAVcoin, the prospects of cryptocurrency in the future, then they are convincing and clearly clear. Easy earnings Newcoin compared to other coins, slight fluctuation of the exchange rate, complete anonymity, fast transactions, and wide functionality opens a well for entrepreneurs to make good money.

Graph of NAV to the dollar exchange rate:

How to create a wallet in the system

The advantage of NAVcoin wallets is that they are multi-platform, and this simplifies and makes it more convenient to use cryptocurrency. They are available now on operating systems such as Android, Windows, Linux, and OSX. A newcoin wallet on iOS is under development and will be introduced shortly. Unfortunately, anonymous transactions are not available on some operating platforms, but this problem will be solved in the near future.

You can create a NAVcoin wallet on the official cryptocurrency website. In the special column, you must select the operating system used. After user registration, unique addresses will be issued that are combined during transactions. This opportunity connects the wallet directly with mining and the WEX exchange ( formerly BTC-E ).

User registration will not take much time, it is very important to thoroughly study the entire system of working with this cryptocurrency, write down all passwords and access codes, and, if possible, save them to your computer for quick and easy wallet opening. All the data you enter will remain completely anonymous. Their introduction is necessary to register you as a legal entity and an entrepreneur.

How to get cryptocurrency: where to buy and exchange

If you want to invest your money in NAVcoin online currency, then this can be done using special exchange services. It is important to find a good site that can offer a number of proven services, show their statistics, exchange rate and time of existence. One of these sites is BestChange, it offers a huge list of exchange services, and most importantly verified. With the help of them, you can profitably invest your money, multiplying them every day.

When working with BestChange, you need to choose the currency you want to exchange for cryptocurrency and turn on the search for services. In a couple of seconds, the site will show you a list of offers for the transaction. You need to study all the exchange systems and choose a service with the most favorable conditions. After exchanging money for digital currency, it can be stored in your wallet. After increasing the rate, it can be sold at a higher cost than it was at the time of purchase. BestChange offers only profitable deals and for many years of work only works with proven and reliable exchange services. If you decide to find the exchanger yourself, then you need to be very vigilant and careful not to fall for scammers.

How to earn digital coins

To earn NAVcoin, you do not need powerful expensive equipment. For mining cryptocurrency, a normal computer is enough. This suggests that everyone can transfer or exchange digital currency through their wallet using a computer. You can manage transactions even from your Android phone.

Earning Newcoin is very quick and easy. The simplest of them is the exchange of purchased digital currency at a more favorable rate. To do this, it is important to constantly monitor the cost statistics of nav. Having studied all the working moments with digital currency, you can significantly increase your money. You can also study the reviews of people who already earn on this coin.

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