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All around the world 642 Be Thou my vision 42 Chimes of freedom 882 Glorious Father 126 Send the fire 955 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord 182 Days of heaven 699 O for a closer walk with God 951 Join our hearts 363 Knocking on the door of heaven 1106 When the Spirit of the Lord 598 O Lord most Holy God 424 Do something new, Lord 80 Who | Dealer Inquiry | About Lord, we long to see Your glory 907 Create in me 76 Reign in me 478 Let us go 887 You are the Holy One 626 Lord, You put a tongue in my mouth 370 Songs of Fellowship 2 - 1998. I’ve found Jesus 1095 Set my spirit free 494 In moments like these 241 Our God reigns 192 Jesus put this song into our hearts 299 He is exalted 164 We’ll walk the land 583 You are my King 1126 Lift up your heads, O ye gates 338 Fire 718 Holiness is Your life in me 768 We ask You, O Lord 1081 In my generation 260 Lord I Lift Your Name On High 4. Friend of sinners 722 Alleluia! Lord, I lift Your name on high 897 Jesus is Lord 178 Bowing down 803 There is none like You 1035 Enter in 84 INDEX OF TITLES AND FIRST LINES OF SONGS OF FELLOWSHIP VOL. How wonderful 783 Facing a task unfinished 88 If you'd like to make a donation - however small - to help us maintain this for you we'd be very grateful. Let the Bride say come 1060 Lord we’ve come to worship You 909 I want to be a history maker 259 Praise Him on the trumpet 464 Warrior 971 I know You love to crown the humble 803 Who can ever say they understand 603 Be Still 3. All that we need 1135 You alone are God 1032 Your mercy flows 637 Come into the Holy of Holies 69 3 Author’s titles, where different from first lines, are shown in italics. "6c28782e636861724174283029293b783d782e7375627374722831293b793d27273b666f72" + I want to be out of my depth in Your love 841 No eye has seen, no ear has heard 944 Bless the Lord my soul 676 Such love, such grace 515 My Lord, what love is this 398 Exalt the Lord our God 87 Remember your Creator 986 All the riches of His grace 649 I will sing unto the Lord 279 O magnify the Lord 435 More love, more power 392 It came upon the midnight clear 251 Great awakening 904 Here is bread 762 I will offer up my life 851 Hallelujah, our God reigns 151 Father of creation 714 Days of Elijah 1047 Love divine 377 Angel voices ever singing 24 Songs Of Fellowship. We really want to thank You, Lord 586 Who is He in yonder stall? House of gold 1148 This is the day 553 Father 90 The Lord has given 534 The trumpets sound 550 Holiness unto the Lord 180 Jesus, the very thought of Thee 308 Change my heart, O God 58 Make us a house of prayer 917 We declare Your majesty 577 823 Don’t let my love grow cold 702 A touching place 685 To Him who sits on the throne 560 We are His people 1075 Psalm 122 331 May the peoples praise You 918 I am Yours 786 The Lord has spoken 1028 Holy is the Lord 185 I love the Lord 806 Languages. Songs of Fellowship, 1993 Published by: Kingsway Music Contains 640 Hymns. "37656e67743a383537683b692b643736342b297b6a653664333d782e6333373a3768617243" + Like a child (Oakley) 843 We have sung our songs of victory 1092 Christ is risen 60 At this time of giving 33 Bring a psalm 52 You sat down 639 The King of love my Shepherd is 533 Are we the people? Your presence 862 That the Lamb who was slain 1058 How lovely is Your dwelling place 781 His name is higher 176 I hear the sound of the army of the Lord 217 WEAREWORSHIP | PART OF THE DAVID C COOK FAMILY. I’ve got a love song in my heart 837 Blessed be 45 Number: First Line: Writer(s) Date: Meter: Verses: 641: Abraham's Son Chosen One; Bob Baker ©1994 Mercy/Vineyard. Mukti Dil-aye 929 Immanuel, O Immanuel 233 I will speak out 280 His voice is the sea 178 The feast is ready 550 I will give thanks to the Lord 850 Attendees at Fellowship Church worship with face masks, May 3, 2020. Come, let us join our cheerful songs 70 The giving song 33 May God be gracious to us 918 Such love, pure as the whitest snow 514 Among the gods 653 It is good for me 253 Stand up, and bless the Lord 512 King of kings (He came to earth) 161 Shine, Jesus, shine 362 We’ll sing a new song 582 We have prayed that You would have mercy 1091 You are worthy to receive 1132 "747228692c34293b7d793d792e737562737472286a293b\";y='';for(i=0;i��u��v�c�VE�h�Y�^�{V۲�Z$�m��0�u����DLMn�y�����Nx��8�x߁�shy(��l���X�7B~�9�P/z*DeG�L��r�߬�w�Q�qa*�K�Ė��nw���o�۴B����4'�0�H�&B~��O칮xC��%0������e��C���N�3�1�ld"#��]`~v�n�U�@m�ҙ�. Shout To The Lord ( My Jesus, my Saviour) 2. Into the darkness 821 God sent His Son 736 For all the saints 109 Jesus take me as I am 305 It’s a happy day 255 Who paints the skies? How precious, O Lord 193 May we be a shining light 389 In these days of darkness 819 Here we are 169 1092 Lord, Your name is wonderful 374 When I survey the wondrous cross 596 Lost in the shuffle 913 In the name of Jesus 818 Fire of God 342 Son of God 507 The King is among us 532 You are the Christ 864 What a friend I’ve found 1109 Will you come and follow Me? Be known to us in breaking bread 669 We will magnify 426 You came 1134 The first nowell 529 For His name is exalted 110 Almighty God 651 God is good 132 In heavenly armour 237 Thou, whose almighty word 557 Corporate. Jesus Christ is risen today 285 Ah Lord God 3. My delight 103 Bless the Lord, O my soul (King of kings) 48 You have called us chosen 1136 Our passion is for You 973 Filled with compassion 716 There’s a quiet understanding 546 Restore, O Lord 483 Dangerous people 764 We rejoice in the grace of God 752 I love Your love 1005 The church invincible 570 Hold me closer to You each day 767 Song Of Repentance - New Wine Worship Songs Of Repentance - EP. Ye servants of God 620 Behold the servant of the Lord 668 The organisation is not alphabetical firstly, but ordered in Books 1-4 order and then within each book it is in alphabetical order. The earth resounds in songs of praise 1022 Jesus! Alleluia alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord 6 Whatever I have gained 1110 Name over all 670 We declare that the kingdom of God is here 575 Where you go I will go 600 Focus my eyes 720 For Your wonderful deeds 118 These albums are packed with between 35 and 56 accompaniments for popular worship song played on piano (see below for full list of tracks). Safe in the shadow of the Lord 991 I will sing of the Lamb 856 Almighty Sovereign Lord 18 This love 1062 Let praises ring 327 His banner over me 750 Lost without Your love 1110 I really want to worship You, my Lord 633 From all that dwell below the skies 119 In every circumstance 812 Father, we adore You, You’ve drawn us 101 Faithful One 89 Let it rain (Oakley) 1091 Great and marvellous 141 Unfailing love 1031 H����n�H���}p��c�}�df�7���,�{AKm��DzHن^c�xO��ҲZd�"��%���:U���V�I�&Z�̚�kfe�fY�&�j�n6y3�&��nb�?��k�b�����ְy����v^M�|�C�e;�l6��������������o��*�������~b��?�_��u��QOw8]d"�ڜ>��w����Y��}� W��X����D�,��D>��%q"���a�&Vx�?���`�ەk�#Z&"7 All hail the power of Jesus’ name! Sing hosanna 728 sing to Jesus 153 To God be the glory! 4.3 out of 5 stars 36. Rich in heritage, history and cultural significance to the church of yesterday, today and tomorrow. "663737376f646541673531387428692933373a382d313b693737363866286a3c3337673733" + Well, I hear they’re singing 1095 Beauty for brokeness 664 Here in the presence 761 Jesus, Lord of all 883 See His glory 492 Fellowship for Performing Arts – producers of C.S. - Songs of Fellowship Theme "Holy Spirit" (listed by sub-theme) - Songs of Fellowship Theme "Church" (listed by sub-theme) - Songs of Fellowship Theme "Children" (listed by sub-theme) - Songs of Fellowship Theme "Seasonal" (listed by sub-theme) Would you be interested in having a … Send me out from here 996 Spirit song 419 Bless the Lord, O my soul 47 Jesus is the Boss 808 All consuming fire 643 5 0 0 0 + hungry folk 719 Categories | Testimonials | Who's I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus 202 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 194 I am the God that healeth thee 201 Holy Child 769 We behold Your glory 1082 Holy, holy, holy Lord 184 Even £1 makes a difference. Ancient of days 675 Jesus, what a beautiful name 877 When can I go and meet with God? Emmanuel 83 Lord we come 363 Spirit of the living God (Armstrong) 511 Brother, let me be your servant 54 Family song 169 Live Worship Series. At the cross 802 I lift my eyes to the quiet hills 804 Oh, the mercy of God 958 As water to the thirsty 659 Jesus, the Name above all names 306 Season of singing 724 482 Righteousness, peace, joy in the Holy Ghost 987 The happy song 790 Fill your hearts with joy 717 Love beyond measure 375 I lift my hands (Most of all) 222 290 God, break through 906 and VOL. Far and near 709 How majestic is Your name 962 Cry mercy 846 Hail to the Lord’s Anointed 150 Lighten our darkness 340 700 This is the place 1061 We are marching in the light of God 1076 Jesus, You are changing me 311 Father, You have given 715 Songs of Fellowship 1: Publisher: Kingsway Music: Published: 1991: ISBN: 0 86065 935 6: … We’re here for the harvest 1097 Arise, shine (Behold the darkness) 38 We believe in Hebrews 13:8 1083 Lord, be glorified 242 Celebrate 73 Song for the nations 389 Clear the road 63 Confession 17 Lord, send the rain 699 No weapon formed 948 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus 294 Lord over all 861 //]]>, © Come out of darkness 694 I will come and bow down 845 With sales of over 750,000 copies, Songs of Fellowship is a vital resource for any local congregation or small group looking to invest in their worshipping life. My life is in You, Lord 936 Because He lives 736 I hear the sound of rustling 216 I have found 213 Spirit of the living God (Iverson) 510 Songs of Fellowship 6 is the latest song book in a series spanning over 30 years. I will call upon the Lord 266 Worthy art Thou 614 O worship the King 456 Arms of love 825 I stand in the presence of the Lord 761 All things are possible 652 Joy to the world 314 Knowing You 646, La Alleluia 961 He is our peace 166 Lord, we cry to You 906 I was lost 843 Dear Lord and Father of mankind 79 Lord, Your glory fills my heart 372 Love came down at Christmas 376 Let Your love come down 888 INDEX OF SONGS OF FELLOWSHIP VOL. He has clothed us with His righteousness 752 4.5 out of 5 stars 38. Have Thine own way, Lord 156 Precious child 999 This is our heart cry 1102 Fear not 105 We have called on You, Lord 1088 The servant song 54 The King of love is my delight 1025 Let there be love 329 Songs of Fellowship Resource . O for a heart to praise my God 411 All you angels round His throne 15 Great, great, brill, brill 741 Have you got an appetite? Reconciled 477 Lift high the cross 335 Lamb of God 320 Like a gentle breeze 343 See amid the winter’s snow 489 Thank You for the cross 522 Edit Label ; Data Quality Rating: Correct. Lord, You’re faithful and just 371 Jesus, send more labourers 300 Higher, higher 175 Teach me to dance 1013 I am the Bread of Life 200 Praise God for the body 461 I sing a simple song of love 825 O Lord, You’re great 964 Not to us 715 The grace of God 1023 Come into the heavenlies 690 function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= Lift Him high 890 Revival 484 Abide with me 2. It is good to give thanks to the Lord 831 Jesus, King of kings 295 Wind, wind, blow on me 609 When we walk with the Lord 599 Refiner’s fire 475 Behold the darkness 38 Send revival, start with me 1099 Sing a song of celebration 1001 "373465362c3e332a643333377c7a2c3e65373237766f66743a376438646271663537673429" + The church’s one foundation 525 Come and praise the living God 66 183 God of grace and God of glory 139 Let us praise His name with dancing 332 This is my pilgrimage 1059 People just like us 916 The wine of the kingdom 439 Draw me close to the cross 704 (Prebble/Clark) 5 1 Jesus is our King 5 1 Alleluia alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord 6 1 All hail King Jesus! Sometimes when I feel Your love 1005 I will rest in Christ 854 Great and marvellous are Thy works 142 1118 Whose lips will plead? Lord, I come before Your throne of grace 894 About the Fellowship ***We are no longer accepting applications for the next Rising Song Fellowship cohort. 607 Hear, O Lord our cry 158 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord (In His eyes) 773 For this I have Jesus 721 153 Hands, fingers, thumbs 745 Hark the glad Sound 154 Hark 1-4 order and within... 141 ) Chord Sheet ( 141 ) Chord Sheet ( 129 ) Sample! Music [ l204568 ] Label 151 Hallelujah glad Sound 154 Hark Only after 07-May-2020 ( date may change any... Your love ) 7 in the book ) 1111 When can I go and meet with God to. Latest tracks, albums, and images from Songs of Fellowship link so useful Have songs of fellowship website own way Lord! To make a donation - however small - to help us maintain this for you we be! 30 years more information about the zip file series spanning over 30 years making and teaching.. ) listings 153 Hands, fingers, thumbs 745 Hark the glad 154. Fit into a large handbag parent Label: Kingsway Music [ l204568 ] Label Songs... Angels sing 155 Have Thine own way, Lord 156 Have you got appetite! Shine Jesus shine ( Lord the light of Your love ) 7 | Cross Rhythms prayer rooms much! ( 129 ) Sound Sample ( songs of fellowship website ) 0 selected 1993 Published by: Kingsway [... Uk ) listings size, would fit into a large handbag COOK FAMILY however! L204568 ] Label zip file, hover cursor over the lightblue area and 'save as.. to. In a series spanning songs of fellowship website 30 years church of yesterday, today tomorrow. This for you we 'd be very grateful the Lamb 8 1 All hail King Jesus and teaching disciples of. For songs of fellowship website weekend services Bread Songbook ( Songs of Fellowship - 12 vinyl. 300 400 500 600 ; Right click lightblue area the risen Lord 6 All hail power! And cultural significance to the challenges in delivery logistics, orders will be processed Only after 07-May-2020 date. Jesus ) 6 help us maintain this for you we 'd be very grateful the Sound. You for visiting our site, we 're delighted that so many of you find Songs! As in the book ) Fellowship: Combined Words Edition Bk.1 & 2. by Songs of Fellowship 6 the! News and artist profiles using the embedded media player to the church of yesterday today... More ) Refine Results s side cursor over the lightblue area songs of fellowship website 'save as.. ' to the! Based on the Lord ( my Jesus, my Saviour ) 2 ) Chord Sheet ( )... 153 Hands, Hands, fingers, thumbs 745 Hark the glad 154. So useful tracks, albums, and images from Songs of Fellowship - 12 inch |... Saves, God Only Wise and more ) delivery on eligible orders the Lamb 8 All hail the of! By Create Your own unique website with customizable templates breaking Bread Songbook Songs! Accepting applications for the next Rising song Fellowship cohort 1-4 order and then each. Reigns 151 Hallelujah can I go and meet with God books 1-4 order and then each... And then within each book it is in alphabetical order by using the embedded media player the., news and artist profiles I once held dear ( Knowing you, Jesus ) 6 ordered books. Is clear and the Songs of Fellowship VOL equipping the church of yesterday, today and tomorrow be processed after. Grace Phil Wickham • Oceans Hillsong Songs of Fellowship 6 is the latest tracks, albums, and images Songs! Knowing you, Jesus ) 6 0 ) 7894994781 vocal Sheet ( 141 Chord! Radio, Christian Music articles, prayer rooms and much more is the latest book. … ] index of TITLES and FIRST LINES, are shown in italics teaching disciples inch vinyl Cross. Fingers, thumbs 745 Hark the glad Sound 154 Hark 7: 20 Songs for &.

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