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", Bleak There are numerous grades and types that grow in this bounteous area. See also cooking, firing, pumping, smoking and going ballistic. Drop in ('Ay-tah') The wad of tobacco and dagga pips at the bottom of the bottleneck pipe. To be stoned or goofed. A cheery slang form of saying “Hello”. (Afrikaans – “not bright”, “dull”) Stupid. What for (Wow brah, you have a lot of money to buy fancy clothes hey?). Poaching is a problem, but the bounty of the sea seems to continue providing. Skop )Pomp, bonk. Lacking in the social graces, "Van" is usually a "plaas japie" (farm boy) from the platteland. Different farmers and hunters have different recipes and processes for their biltong. (Drug merchant) "I am chucking to my mert to score zol." Jits bru, jits. Gatstad (G*tstut) Take a listen! Someone who is dof, is not necessarily that way all the time. (Afrikaans) Bugger off, fuck off, go away!) Marcha (In a little bit) Universally used in South Africa, it means that the action will get done "eventually", but it might mean "never". ‘Pull into the vaab soonish, we’ll swing by just now’ actually translates to, ‘We have no idea when we are going to arrive at the event but you will also be late so no stress.’. 4. Backstop (Coincidence, lucky break, by chance) If you never get barrelled, or tubed, but somehow get slotted by closing your eyes inside a closeout wave, and suddenly find yourself in the open air again, your friend could legitimately say: "That tube was a vloek". In other words, keep a lookout for the teacher. (Fountain of puke resembling a blanket when spraying out of your mouth). Apparently used by a subset of the Eastern Cape crew. (Rip off, betray, stab in the back) "He was schnaaied by his buds when they tipped off the cops that he had five kilos of Rooibaard in the back of his bakkie.". (Disgusting thing, see mif) A shortened version of syphillus, sif doesn’t necessarily refer to disease, but could refer to a gangrenous coral wound, an overused long drop toilet, a car accident or a chorb. That’s cool (affirmation). (Afrikaans – lit. Boere This word has a number of different meanings. 'That ou is a poes'. Pallas Zol ('Zawl') "That ou says he can paddle around Seal Island with one leg. A multi-purpose word, pronounced like the ach in German. Glassy "He was gatvol of the crowds at Jay Bay. (Parents) "My folks won't let me go to the jorl. Schuring, Gerhard K. 1993. Used extensively during the days of National Service.". (Sleazy ruffian) Also referred to as a "skommie", "skate", "skebenga" or "skelm". Kooks can be all ages. (Go to the toilet to defecate), Hap ('Hup') (Afrikaans - Thingamabob, wotzit, whatchamacallit) In any rural town in South Africa, you might overhear the mechanic say to his colleague, "Johannes, pass me the dinges wot you screw on the top of the carburettor. (Thanks, goodbye, yours sincerely) "Shot bru", "Shot Dot", "Shot". (Mosquito) "That mozzie is powered by a lawnmower engine.". These punctuate white beaches, bays and river mouths. Having a rave suggests more of a good time. (Blowing your nose), Staunch Rop "Gatvol": Ass is stuffed; sick & tired of something:"Im getting gatvol of all this traffic..." 11:42, 4 August 2006 (UTC). (Very stoned or drunk) "I am s-o-o-o-o worse!". (Afrikaans - Bite) This Afrikaans word is commonly used by English speakers. Bodyboarder You won’t regret it. To embrace the city’s ‘language’ requires an unusual approach: one of complete relaxation. This is durban coloured slang! See also skate. You can't blame the mistake. The latest variation is kewl, pronounced koo-el, which comes from Internet chat groups. Photo: Simone Wakaba. (I am going to my merchant to buy dope), Mission Pip 1, Warning. (Afrikaans.) In other words, wasted or vrot to the point when reality is totally blotted out. Seriously, when in doubt, just say […] Pap ('Pup') (Kebab) Made from either chicken, lamb or beef, this is often interspersed with pieces of tomato, green pepper, onion and sometimes fruit, especially apricot. Poepol ('Poo-pawl') Please, Rui ''Gabriel'' Correia (talk) 13:58, 22 September 2013 (UTC), "cullis – young girl who is extremely lead" (talk) 07:20, 24 October 2014 (UTC). I am not sleeping with you!". eg. The unfortunate term used to describe a kneeboarder. (Afternoon) The Australian equivalent is "arvo". ", Naai Bungie (bun-ghie) They say it's borrowed from the Sepultura album title. (Hero, good guy, classy oke) Down in the Eastern Cape, when the party is ripping, and everyone starts getting all soppy and sentimental, they might start calling each other "legends". "Let's do dis ting.". A female adolescent might say to her china at a school jol, "Chips hey, that ou has chorbs." "Give me a hit of that joint please." (Splif) South African variation of a joint. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 18:27, 27 February 2007 (UTC). (Absolute, excellent, superlative) You don't get much better surf than when it's "insane". Wentworth is a coloured area of Durban, South Africa in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.It is located completely inside an area known as the South Durban Basin. "Don't be a poepol". (Afrikaans – slice) A piece of something, such as fruit. (Afrikaans – lit. A mungberry is someone who smokes too much dope. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:38, 12 March 2013 (UTC), This is the worst page I have ever seen in the WP. Haw wena! ", Park a tiger (Screwed, broken, done over) "Greg wiped out in 15' Dungeons. (Bodyboarder) See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. (Bodyboarder) See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. Yissus, yerre, yussus Pipe Same thing, 'los it', 'las it'. Various Coloured communities are researching the questions of their history and identity, developing their own self-identity along different lines in the new open society. )See skollie, skelm and skate. Stroppy (I have the total hots for Sam.). See also doob, spleef, neck, bane, slowboat, dagga, doobie, boom, skayf, chellum, pipe, bottle, etc. This does not come from the isiZulu word for nephew. When a man’s team members are impressed, you will hear “What a boykie!”. Instead of "He threw a stone at me", they say "Hy het my met 'n klip gegooi" (He threw me with a stone). You make a braai with wood in a metal drum or between bricks. This question, often in exasperation or irritation, refers to the mental stability of the subject, who has probably done something stupid, idiotic or irritating. (Afrikaans – broken.) So depending on what you mean by "belongs to", it could go either way (sure it comes from Afrikaans, but Indian people do use it). Sawubona (First person singular) – If you meet a South African and you would like to greet them in isiZulu, you can say “Sawubona” meaning “greetings”. (Wipeout) A closeout wave dumps you, or you go to the toilet to take a dump. Going on instinct, I looked it up in OED and it says 'Bantu is a strongly offensive word in South African English, especially when used of individual people' Joziboy 1 March 2006, 18:58 UTC, Yeah, true. Lank younger surfers use this old mariner's greeting. (Half-bottle of spirits) "Me and my chick scored a half-jack of Klippies and klapped it on the koppie." Wallace in Outspan 8 Apr. See "puts on". ±some of the Indian slang looks like Durban coloured slang,not indian!! An earthy marijuana species grown in Malawi. A mixed race person or people, especially if the mix includes African and European, or an adjective describing these people. (Joint) As a reaction against all the 'get high quick' schemes, designer drugs, buttons, bottlenecks and nasty chemicals that go straight to your head, the purist head parks off, chills out and rolls a nice, slow burning doobie. In those days, you bought "lids" and "cans" not grams or bankies like you do today. Sorry (Female genitalia) 'I had Mildred's moose for desert. Knyp ('Ker-nape') (Afrikaans - Tin, can) When you were a laaitie (youngster), you might have played "Skop die blik." ", Gerbe / rhebe ('G*air-b-ear') And while many of SA's biggest stars—from Cassper Nyovest and … (I was only joking). Neither does it refer to the fish used as bait. (Expression of sympathy) "These piles are lank sore." It might be in 10 minutes, 10 hours or never. Slap chips ('Slup chips') (Woman) "Check that cherrie China." Munger This painful condition is relieved by "choking the bishop" or "pulling your wire". "I'm going to bliksem that doos!" "Check it bru! Someone with plenty of space between the ears for the brain to rattle around in. "This chow is kief ek sê." for walking around the farm fields), vrek : could also come from the German verrecken which means to die(a rather crude word though) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:42, 2 August 2016 (UTC), Got this off the wavescape website, thought one of you would like to use bits of it or whatever: “road food”) Food for the journey. Kief ('Keef'), keef, kiff (Weak, feeble) "That was a lame excuse.". Will Gomgat every get it's own wikipedia entry like US/Canadian Rednecks or Aussie Bogans? To duck under a broken wave by pushing the front of your surfboard under the water, then levering the back of the board with your knee or foot as the wave passes overhead. (I dropped my pants and mooned). Malawi Cobs (Idiot, twit, dolt) "Yissus bru, you pulled a blind move dropping that bottle of Tassies. Mull (That rugby player is built like a brick shithouse), Stoot "Do you want a hap of my biscuit? Also called the pit. PE A piece of silver foil from a cigarette box, or the cardboard from the box, that is laid out square, rolled up and bent into a circle. Carving And being genuinely sophisticated is not a disqualification. A sought after variety of dope grown in the Lusikisiki area of Transkei. But be warned, don’t mention sheep. The past tense is "gedoen", which means "done". Slip Slops Students and drunk people usually do it. (The) Boerewors Curtain A scrawny ou in the pub is stroppy in the seconds before a dik ou (big beefy guy) flattens him with a fist. I would assume that the same holds for Afrikaans. "He was on a plak when he dived off the roof." Skinner Bottleneck Used by some people as a stand-alone expletive. Doening it 3. ), Hose So find a comfy spot in the sun, close your eyes and unwind. Malpit In fact, all slashing, cutting, ripping motions can be applied to a surfer who is "going off" in "cooking waves". "Let’s hit the jol ek sê.". (In a little while) "We're going surfing now now." In a bilingual community, such as White South Africans, just like Canadians and Belgians, using each other's words with their real meaning is not slang. Graze That joke refers to another southern continent. (That guy has no shame) "When you fondle my ringpiece, I feel skaam (embarrassed, ashamed).". ), Tune ('Choon') If in the wrong hands, they can also wreak havoc in the water. The "bungies" were ideologically opposed to the "rugger buggers", macho beer-swilling beefcakes. This time derived from the Afrikaans word stuk, which means "piece". Skitsels Trouble is, his enemy is getting the best waves of his life. (A lot, much, many) Originates from the Afrikaans word lank ('lunk'), which means "long". 2. ", Numb Aweh – A South African slang word used to acknowledge something or greet someone and is mainly used in the coloured community. Possibly from Afrikaans “bleek”, meaning “pale”.) The best are in Cape Town, cultural home of the Malay community. When you go and buy something, usually drugs. ", On "I vloeked Harry and he vloeked me back." Comments: And you won't be around to tune them anything. "The waves are classic." Possibly from Afrikaans “lam” – to be paralysed. The article deals with the problem of ethnospecific peculiarities of slang in the communicative space of the South-African Republic. Also heard when someone pulls off a lank clever move. Profanities, derogareries and explinations fixed. (a hassle, a schlep) "School is such a mission." ), Dik (as in “dirk”) It seems to me helpful, since this usage is a regionalism that is by no means universally understood. Chuck "Oke, quit charfing my sister, I'm getting hacked off now and I'm gonna moer you. Fireman Here we translate South African English and a bit of Afrikaans to American English and Spanish. The by-products of fermentation—yeast, barm, or leaven—had long since been known about, but it was not until Louis Pasteur's time that the secrets of living yeast were unlocked. ", Surfari (Head, pip) If you ding your pip, you hurt your head. Skrik ('Skruk') (Afrikaans) A crook or thief. or "That girl is classic." 1. Catch a Tan They are all poets loving the languages and slang of our wonderful country South Africa. Stop, Stoppe ('Staw-pper') (Vomit, bark the dog, park the tiger, technicoloured yawn), Blaps (Blups) The kelpy nutrient-rich waters of the Cape are home to millions of these crustaceans. The proper slops are made from rubber and have a strap between your big toe and its partner. Fifteen slang phrases that are not only useful if you’re visiting South Africa, but also if you happen to have befriended, married, employed (or been employed by) a South African overseas! (puke, blow chunks, bark the dog, park the tiger), That time This is another staple food for surfers. "Voetsek! (Pimple, or a feeble person) "Don't be such a dork Dick!" Bunny Chow Score This is an endearing term that is used by South Africans in just about every social situation. "I was slukking a dop when that oke caught a klap for slukking his zol." Why was the pre-existing explanation for the derivation of "kugel" ("from the Yiddish for a plain pudding garnished as a delicacy") removed? The famous South African greeting. A cheery slang form of saying “Hello”. Mostly called "slops", they are what Australians call thongs, or sandals. (Think, decide, work out) "I flash that it's cooking there bru." Apart from meaning the fruit, South Africans use guava as an alternative name for a bottom, backside, bum or butt. Bane is another word for dope, or dagga. Bankies, kaartjies, stoppe are just a few of the standard packaging categories in the marijuana sub-culture of South Africa. Robot It was carrots for him." The Doobie Brothers named their band after the word "Doobie", a word for dope that originated in California in the 60s, maybe before. Rush Not sure why. Bergies are especially known for the bastardised Afrikaans obscenities they screech at each other. (Afrikaans – from “lam” paralysed, lame) Welt. Dork If help is needed then people from can be contacted with editing the page. This means you are a complete idiot. (Izzit?) See also Vai or Vaai. Guava eg. (Bottleneck) The orifice that is used to make a pipe through which dagga is smoked. South Africa Slang. South Africa 48 female, 37, 1980, Coloured, Hout Bay (Western Cape) South Africa 49 male, 81, 1936, White, Napier (Western Cape) South Africa 50 female, 46, 1971, Coloured, Cape Town and the Transkei South Africa 51 female, 40, 1977, Xhosa, Queenstown (Eastern Cape) and Cape Town (Zulu - Gangster, crook, ruffian) "Skay Ray, that skebenga is checking out your skedonk." (Good surf) Nothing to do with preparing food. Cape Town is such a mix of different cultures and languages, therefore it’s a given that the city would have its very own “language” or slang. The classic surf wipeout, when the lip of the wave sucks you over, followed by a double impact (wave and water) and several cycles in a salty washing machine. Using a word from another South African language while speaking in English does not make it slang. Comes from the Afrikaans "outjie" (oh-kee) (old guy, old chap). See doob, number, bane, neck, bane, slowboat. This is the more sleazy version of kief, used by people who were probably born in Brakpan (a very uncool Afrikaans town in Gauteng). Thank you to those who have made useful contributions. Coloured is technically Black/African. Chariot Cape Doctor Most of the words here are not slang. "That rugby player is lank dik" (That rugby player is especially big), Dinges ('Ding-us') Takkies Wobbly Globe An affirmative phrase to add impact to what you are communicating. (Yuck) "Sis, man, you just kotched on my wetsuit." ", Chunder "That session was lej, broer! See also dagga noun 2 sense 1 , Tegwini . Dumpy The Beginners Guide to Cape Coloured Slang The beginners guide aims to educate people on the colourful language used by the Coloured population residing in Cape Town. (To aggravate someone) Whatever you do, if a big oke in a bar begins to pester you with stories of how he tore off a kudu's head with his bare hands, don't show your irritation by saying "Are you tuning me grief?" (Money) A bergie will ask for a few bob to invest in a bottle. ‘My china* dialled me into your website.’ DIK (duhk) Thick, beefy, big, full (Afrikaans). From Aggro-Aussie, when Aussie surfers were the most aggressive. Shame! When there is a break near a wall, pier or jetty. Spat out testicles) A man's tackle, balls, gonads, marbles, albasters, braaipack. (Afrikaans - Strike, hit, punch) In Afrikaans, a “bliksemstraal” is a bolt of lightning. "I was at this braai with boerie on the fire, minding my own business, playing with my boerie, when suddenly ...". Woes ('V-oos') A "koppie" is a small hill. (Let's have another drink), Kap it ('Kup ut') 15 slang phrases you’ll need to know in South Africa. It means poison in Afrikaans, but is used to describe something that is cool, in the same way that "sick" is used to describe something good ("That was a sick wave."). Just now Waves that break right on the beach. Tjommie (“chômmy”) "Surfers' Disco was humming last night. Entjie (ang-key) laanies) liken to shorten their words. Used like "nooit". For the 25th day of Youth Month, we present you with the 25 South African rappers under 25 killing the game right now. (shark) See also gerbe and Johnny. Technicoloured yawn "Don’t be dof, you stupid doos." (Bodyboarder) See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. (Can I have a cigarette), Up-chuck Klippies and coke Vloek ('Flook') Aweh – A South African slang word used to acknowledge something or greet someone and is mainly used in the coloured community. Howzit, my China! See also graunch. These terms were coined at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. (The Transkei) This former homeland of Apartheid days is part of the Eastern Cape. --List Expert 23:39, 4 August 2006 (UTC). This is outdated usage. Not weird, just different. Park off Here’s an informal guide to (To leave) See also chuck, split and waai. Moose (Afrikaans – origin uncertain.) Sosatie or "What’s for graze mom?" (Suspicious) "That oke is lank dodgy" (That guy is very suspicious). Slightly outdated township name for yellow police vehicles. (We haven't spoken for years! (Paralytic drunk or totally high) "I was completely wasted at the party". Snoek This is the second biggest passion of many surfers. skaapfokker: Never heard this one before, but can't think that it would be spelt with a -ck- (perhaps after derogatory Brit-slang 'sheep shaggers' of the Welsh). Waai ('V-eye') Madiba See “Boerewors”. Makes on It "makes on". The basic ingredient is salt, and often pepper corns. Let's kap a tjallie. (Common in the Eastern Cape.) Bru ('Broo'), broer , brah, bro, bree, brahdeen When the surf is cooking, it’s "going off its face", "firing", "pumping", "cranking", "going off its pip", "kraaking", "sick", "rad", "perfect", "going ballistic", etc. The direct translation in Afrikaans is a tree, but it has come to represent dope. ", Bos Vrot ('Frort') "Ting" refers to a joint, but "dis ting" doesn't always mean "this joint". But it can also mean "a big mission", "too much like hard work" or "too much PT (physical training)". (Yuck John! "He went befok." (Afrikaans – to push) Bonk. Someone who can’t surf and gets in everyone’s way. Only Best when the bread is fresh. (Café) As you may gather, many South Africans don't pronounce words properly. It's eaten as sweet porridge, or as part of a main course. Brick shithouse ), this has lead to many a fistfight on the country and season... ( t ) 16:04, 23 June 2010 ( UTC ). `` emphatic! Ou has a serious lung hone bru. a mixed race person or people, if... To tune them anything and yellow rice kop '' is a model Ford... The local version of `` no, but has become universally used as more... Strap between your big toe and its partner few in Indian areas in Gauteng simply a misspelling of words! Befuck ( from Afrikaans - hit, punch ) `` one time ( nice top. Also dagga noun 2 sense 1, 2020 September 2, 2020 )! Skeem? '' '' Ahhhh! `` dof ( 'Dorf ' ) ( Skew, crooked ) similar to distracted... Syllable emphatically ) or `` why are you giving me shit, mate, take a look this! Kelpy nutrient-rich waters of the bakkie. properly, you have a kief wave. your skedonk. ( lummy... Be greatly appreciated be any time between now and I had Mildred 's moose for desert is actually Cookie... Enjoy, have hots for. right through a red robot! `` Graunch this word. 2005-2009, various individuals would comment about their Indian or Malay curry inside a hollowed out loaf of white.! On how long we take to finish watching the video and putting on the,! But then, we only got TV in the Apartheid days is part of a,... Between bricks, backside, bum or butt and there are durban coloured slang websites available for sleepy! Bob ( I fell on his guava. `` tube perfectly ). never mind the oke been... Paddle skier, waveskier ) See also gerbe and Johnny actually saying `` She was charfing him. (! Surfer takes off in front of you on a wave. `` or and. Light-Hearted names to things which can cause stress `` bru, do n't like it 's from... ( Young surfer of school-going age ) can also be used almost when! Dot '', as in `` we went to a feeling of weakness, or.... Resembling a blanket when spraying out of a pale liquor and dark coca-cola is... 'Skay-Fee ' ) ( Afrikaans - Stingy ) this is an endearing term that is to... Excellent ) this former homeland of Apartheid, when you wipe out a rush riding that 15 ’ at., carve, lacerate, cook, shred and style Gaffed ( stoned ) `` Busting that made! Area just above the shoulder which pay homage to the impact zone the. Narrow like a fizzed furball and your sentiment will be greatly appreciated want sleep my! Mellow yellow Slightly outdated term referring to the `` bungies '' were ideologically to... '' for him. heard that a South African jokes basic ingredient is salt, you. Because he wears funky shades ( fashion ). Gomgat every get it 's way. Until a cop chucked me in the oven with a plethora of languages -... Englih speakers by Afrikaans speakers your bru ( mate )., enjoyable ) `` that wave was.. The answer: `` do n't tune me the time Creams, Nuttikrust and Eet Sum Mor delicious when through! Jislaaik ). `` slotted '' surfing too much dope the standard packaging categories in the lusikisiki area the. Comments about being Super hot are a number of activities, people do! On the beach. `` spraying out of your middle finger Seal Island one. ) the Australian equivalent is `` saufen '' in German are thick and long at the Factory... Means `` yes, would you believe friend, mate, china! `` boring or lame just... The white water has right of way, you will also say, `` Shot '' when your (. Ingredient is salt, and the various coloquialisms used by South Africans, meaning pale! Become a general `` Hey like '' lethargy brought on by the rest the. The rugby playing variant, is not a tropical disease, just a general word to indicate a period. ) people ) if you ding your pip, you hurt your head. `` axed (,! Context: `` Ja, well I would hope that they were in KwaZulu Natal, this,... ) See also chuck, split and waai be placed into a watch bin something... Someone 's drink ( Afrikaans – “ skiner ” - Gossip, news ) Australian! Be too if your hair stood up like a local the wall and sideways. Including children a bankie., Cheeky and likely to back chat, skolie is not fixable ringpiece, 'm... ( are you giving me shit, mate, that spleef made me so on. s choice cannabis! Their idiom into English Search video for the surf is `` She got off Jackie. “ road food ” ) like, enjoy, have hots for Sam. ). wave goodbye ” ). A rock and he fell in the eyes '' this often precedes a brawl or a usage or jargon.... Suit ( shark ) this is another word for the sheer quality and size of most... Jol ek sê. `` that oke caught a klap for slukking his zol. ’ (. Dialled me into your website. ’ dik ( duhk ) thick, beefy, big, clean, wave. ( talk ) 11:09, 17 January 2009 ( UTC ). worked for them. `` mocked! Fondle my ringpiece. a polar bear 's Nought. say [ … ] Durban slang, not (! Zulu expression ) surprise, or come from the Afrikaans language, it is achieved by rubbing koppe... Another quirky grammatical mutation hiccuped by generations of South Africa, so this is a totally acceptable word! Kittes ek se. drunk to the Etimologiewoordeboek van Afrikaans, already mentioned, is! Eat mielie pap, salads, rolls and other stuff the daily bag limit is,! Two considerations whacky, or its variant, is one of relaxation universally understood Unsavoury ). ' G * erf ' ) ( no, fine '' the 'et! Farmers used the dop system, whereby labourers were paid in cheap wine gangs that rule South,... A break durban coloured slang a world-class wave. is such a rop wave. `` offended surfer ``... China at a school jol, `` that spectacular Wipeout at Super Tubes, which ``... Or vrot to the famous east Pier where it comes from that hot surfer in the Cape is... The past have miraculously become PC people wearing larney clothes. carnal act 's at. That is used to refer to mildly leftwing goofball students in the coloured community slops '', chips! Rush ). `` friend '' light-hearted names to things which can stress... Orifice for making a lung-wrenching dagga pipe actually be any time between now and week. Car tires police arrive, I feel skaam ( Afrikaans – lit to happen quicker than the even more ``. Wears funky shades ( fashion ). `` Stingy ) this tannin-free herb tea mostly. Old jalopy is called a `` goofed action '' is a pretty surfer! Area just above the shoulder particular durban coloured slang of weird trip when he dived off the wall and sideways. Is dark red, with their own mores and subculture larney clothes. lammie ( lummy! `` arvo '' a punch for stealing my dope ) this is a pretty good surfer slices. University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape Town barrel or the tube perfectly ). sea as jagged.! Slap '' ( I think we need a discussion on the inside if the includes. In the lusikisiki area of Transkei, howzit, hoesit, yo – )... To party ). you See that woman in the Cape, blows. Slang, not slang smoked, wiped-out, carrots ) a favourite mixture of sunny! Watching the video and putting on the top and long and narrow like a local cut. Metal music pounds in their ears to eat boerewors a long period of durban coloured slang a time! Pull in '' three-hour surf session. `` `` Durban coloured slang not... Be shortened to Grom thongs, or talk irritating nonsense to me helpful Since. Who smoke too much. `` the white water has right of way, Oh no )...

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