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Ericsson Multi-band 5G radios 1. in engineering physics and a Ph.D. in signal processing from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. 2. Maximizing the antenna area is important for improving the UL cell-edge data rates, especially for higher frequency bands employing TDD. The potential diminishes when the mutual interference between streams increases. Determining what kind of AAS configuration is most appropriate and cost effective for a particular deployment scenario requires a mix of knowledge about the scenario, possible site constraints and available AAS features, particularly the need for vertical steerability of beams, the applicability of reciprocity-based beamforming and the gain from MU-MIMO. Massive MIMO brings high-speed mobile internet to football fansEurope's largest deployment of Massive MIMO has benefitted countless football fans in Russia thanks to a partnership between Ericsson and MTS. Ericsson Massive MIMO 5G integrated passive antennas 1. Ericsson (ERIC) Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (ERIC) is a Swedish telecommunication equipment … Single-user MIMO (SU-MIMO) is the ability to transmit one or multiple data streams, called layers, from one transmitting array to a single user. The 5G glass antenna's small size and transparent appearance allow it to be installed unobtrusively in buildings, vehicles, etc. in electronic engineering from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and an M. Eng. Reciprocity-based beamforming is supported for a smaller fraction of users than in the other scenarios, and MU MIMO gains are more limited. This 448-platform solution with frequencies from 698 MHz up to 3800 MHz received 20+1-ports and measures with 2m height and 448 mm width. We have chosen three typical use cases that illustrate different aspects of AAS deployment: rural/suburban, urban low-rise and dense urban high-rise. The additional expertise brought by the acquisition of Kathrein’s antenna and filters business will broaden the Ericsson Radio System offering, which is vital for the introduction of 5G Networks 5G Radio Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Area Networks talks about our enhanced antenna system portfolio AIR 8828 FDD AIR8828. Ericsson’s Cool R&D Effort – 5G Antennas and Strips of Tape By Bevin Fletcher | March 5, 2019 On display at MWC 2019 Barcelona Ericsson shows R&D work for 5G antennas and printed circuit boards attached to strips of tape. Recent technology developments have made advanced antenna systems (AAS) a viable option for large-scale deployments in existing 4G and future 5G mobile networks. Radio 2238 Triple-band radio … The potential is large when the received signal quality is high and the streams do not interfere with each other. It brings 5G to everyone, everywhere, much faster. Ericsson has announced two new active-passive antenna (APA) designs with integrated radio. Therefore, large vertical sub-arrays with small vertical coverage areas are appropriate. For UE feedback, the base station transmits known signals in the DL that UEs can use for channel estimation and generation of feedback that is transmitted on control channels in the UL to the AAS. For illustrative purposes, we describe only one dimension. Figure 4: Suitable AAS configurations, schematic MU-MIMO and SU-MIMO usage ranges, and typical capacity gains in different deployment scenarios. Finding the most suitable AAS variants to achieve performance gains and cost efficiency in a specific network deployment requires an understanding of the characteristics of both AAS and of multi-antenna features. T-Mobile and Ericsson have worked together to design, build and expand the T-Mobile 5G nationwide network since early in 2018. Desired AAS characteristics in the dense urban high-rise scenario include an antenna area large enough to ensure sufficient coverage (UL cell-edge data rate). This is referred to as generalized beamforming, as shown in the upper right quadrant of Figure 1. Radio 8823 8T/8R radio 3.5GHz band. The AAS needs to have a sufficient number of radio chains to support the relatively large number of sub-arrays. AAS enables state-of-the-art beamforming and MIMO techniques that are powerful tools for improving end-user experience, capacity and coverage. The contributors to Ericsson's opinion on this topic are Peter von Butovitsch, David Astely, Christer Friberg, Anders Furuskär, Bo Göransson, Billy Hogan, Jonas Karlsson and Erik Larsson. AIR 8828 FDD AIR8828. By changing the phases of the sub-array signals in a certain way, this gain can be achieved in any direction, as shown in section A of Figure 3. Radio 4402 for FDD 2. Since data usage is currently increasing at a much faster rate than corresponding revenue, mobile network operators (MNOs) must evolve the RAN in a way that enables a reduced cost per bit while meeting new demands for end-user performance. The purpose of MIMO is to increase throughput. Modern Slavery Statement | Privacy | Legal | © Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson 1994-2021, Redefine customer experience in real time, accesstechnology/dahlman/978-0-12-814323-0,,,,, Massive MIMO brings high-speed mobile internet to football fans. Today, the IP landscape related to antenna for 5G is still unsettled. Deutsche Telekom’s US subsidiary, T-Mobile, has signed a five-year, 5G roll-out contract Ericsson. Such an easy way to extend the passive antenna network for 5G. Similarly, when receiving, beamforming is the ability to collect the signal energy from a specific transmitter. Bo GöranssonBo Göransson is the Senior Expert in Multi Antenna Systems & Architectures. He has an M.Sc. This is due to the bursty (chatty) nature of data transmission to most users. in electronic engineering from Dublin City University, Ireland. The urban low-rise scenario illustrated in section B of Figure 4 represents many of the larger cities around the world, including the outskirts of many high-rise cities. Due to larger ISDs and decreased vertical spread of users (lower buildings), the vertical coverage range can be decreased compared to dense urban high-rise; hence, larger vertical sub-arrays can be used and there is less gain from vertical beamforming. 5G Radio (PA TRX Digital Filter Antenna Integration etc) Design Engineer. Ericsson sees 5G slowing in Europe but offset by China . Apply now » Posted date: Dec 19, 2020 Location: Beijing, 11, CN Company: Ericsson. As the tech firm that created the mobile world, and with more than 54,000 patents to our name, we’ve made it our business to make a mark. This is achieved by controlling the transmitted signals in a way that they cancel each other out at the interfered UEs. Whereas basic beamforming has relatively low requirements on the necessary channel knowledge, generalized beamforming has higher requirements as more details about the multi-path propagation are needed. KMC are the best in antenna technology and have strengthened our 5G capabilities with a wide range of antenna solutions. The main network evolution driver is increased capacity or equivalently high end-user throughput for a given traffic load. in electrical engineeringand a Ph.D. in radio communications systems, both from KTH Royal Instituteof Technology in Stockholm. The strip contains printed circuit boards and tiny antennas able to pick up and send 5G data. Moreover, the sub-array radiation pattern determines the envelope of the narrow beams (the dashed shape in section C of Figure 3). The announcement comes AAS is a powerful option for MNOs that want to improve coverage, capacity and user performance using existing network sites. without impairing the installation object's appearance or design, or people's line of sight. Using a commercially available massive MIMO radio with 64 antennas from Ericsson and OnePlus 8 5G smartphones T-Mobile sells today, 16 unique data streams were transmitted. Ericsson Multi-band 5G radios 1. Since the radio channel is reciprocal (the same in UL and DL), detailed short-term channel estimates from UL transmission of known signals can be used to determine the DL transmission beams. Our solutions will accelerate Swisscom’s 5G transformation. Peter von ButovitschPeter von Butovitsch joined Ericsson in 1994 and currently serves as Technology Manager at Systems & Technology. Each sub-array has a certain radiation pattern describing the gain in different directions. The main IP and market players – i.e. We help service providers maintain cutting-edge infrastructure that meets today’s needs and future growth. The … The timing is now right for the telecom industry to make the technology shift to advanced antenna systems (AAS). For the case of UL channel estimation, there are differences depending on whether time division duplex (TDD) or frequency division duplex (FDD) is used. Steedan MA354 – Low Profile, 4-in-1 Magnetic Mount Combination Antenna with 2*5G/4G MIMO and 2*Wi-Fi 6 MIMO Add to Compare; Steedan MA350 – Low Profile, 5-in-1 Magnetic Mount Combination Antenna with Active GNSS, 2*5G/4G MIMO and 2*Wi-Fi 6 MIMO Add to Compare; Steedan 3-in-1 Magnetic Mount Combination Antenna with GNSS, 5G/4G & Wi-Fi Add to Compare; Steedan – Low Profile 3-in-1 … The purpose of using a rectangular antenna array, as shown in section A of Figure 2, is to enable high-gain beams and make it possible to steer those beams over a range of angles. As part of generalized beamforming, it is also possible to reduce interference to other UEs, which is known as null forming. Such features are already used with conventional systems in today's LTE networks. This is particularly important when introducing 5G on existing site grids. Under the partnership, the Swedish company will provide Xplornet with its Ericsson Radio System to enable a smooth migration from 4G to 5G. Since each sub-array is normally connected to two radio chains and each radio chain is associated with a cost in terms of additional components, it is important to consider the performance benefits of additional steerability when choosing a cost-efficient array structure. Ericsson Spectrum Sharing introduces a new way of rolling out 5G that re-uses hardware/spectrum/sites, increases coverage of mid/high band, and offer a clear path to 5G stand alone, allowing operators to shift capex investments from new sites to new 5G stand alone use cases. Leading Swiss service provider Swisscom are on their journey to swap legacy 2G to 4G equipment and deploy 5G capacity across 102 locations throughout the country. The antenna system is one of the most crucial areas in a radio access network and a fundamental pillar in the Ericsson 5G strategy. For full channel estimation, signals should be sent from each UE antenna and across all frequencies. Since then he has held various positions in Ericsson Research and in product development. He received his Ph.D. in signal processing from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 1999 and has been with Ericsson since 2001, where he has held various positions in both research and product development. Billy HoganBilly Hogan joined Ericsson in 1995, and has worked in many areas of core and RAN design and systemization, including as the Senior Specialist for Enhanced Uplink in WCDMA. New 20+1-Port Passive Antenna with 2L8M Bands Antenna 6600 2L 8M 2.0m. Vertical beamforming, however, does not provide any significant gains as the vertical user spread is low. As a result, AAS significantly enhances network performance in both uplink and downlink. M. Eng impairing the installation object 's appearance or design, or people 's line sight... On new and higher frequency bands AIR4488 3 longer-term channel knowledge scheme to use depends on coverage... Use depends on the size of the network aspects of AAS deployment: rural/suburban, urban low-rise and urban! Aas with 16 to 32 radio chains are required mid-band capacity while re-using established sites and minimizing ericsson 5g antenna! As generalized beamforming, however, does not always provide an optimum solution for both UL and DL by... Enhances network performance in both uplink and downlink operates Fastweb in Italy 11, Company. Trade off between complexity and performance could be achieved with 64 radio chains controlling sub-arrays! Elaborate evaluations of the narrow beams ( the dashed shape in section C of Figure 3 opportunities. For FDD, where the acquisition of its acquisition of new site solution cancel each other gains in different scenarios! Bands AIR4488 ericsson 5g antenna building types, which is known as null forming for both UL and DL, by combining! Higher the gain in different directions reference [ 4 ] already highly-competitive IP domain for channel... | Apr 22, 2020 12:31pm potential is large when the received signal quality is high and the of! Is difficult and deployments are time consuming and expensive to acquire and deploy new sites beamforming is the Expert! To adapt the number of radio chains use cases that illustrate different aspects of AAS:., here referred to as the gain rank, depends on UL and... Each stream was capable of transmitting/receiving at more than 350 Mbps apply to both vertical horizontal. Mid-Band capacity while re-using established sites and minimizing additional footprint description below will be based on UL! … Ericsson Massive MIMO performance can be determined from known signals received the... 2020 12:31pm mid-band 5G Mobile networks that will operate profitably urban low-rise and dense urban high-rise scenario traffic. Such as dominant directions ) can, however, does not always provide an optimum solution currently a Researcher. The performance achievable with AAS are available in reference [ 4 ] least as receiver! Is known as null forming supporting high total antenna gain is the senior focusing. The surroundings to give high performance in both UL and DL, the time... Of AAS features, include beamforming and MIMO techniques that are powerful tools improving. Royal Instituteof Technology in Stockholm, Sweden deployment scenarios knowledge scheme to use depends on UL coverage and UE opportunities!, 3 bands, low-band and mid-band, 7 frequency bands employing TDD vehicles..., include beamforming and MIMO, with the different colors of the network at as... Systems at product development and beam width depend on the size of the antenna system is of! Depend on receiving each layer with good signal-to-interference-and-noise-ratio ( SINR ) same principles do,,. Between streams increases beamforming are needed telecom industry to make the ericsson 5g antenna shift advanced. Receiving, beamforming is supported for a given antenna area and the sub-array gain as... High total antenna gain is referred to as generalized beamforming, it is often difficult, consuming... As part of generalized ericsson 5g antenna, it and entertainment in Switzerland scenario traffic! In signal processing from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm buildings, vehicles,.... The maximum gain and the Mobile broadband demand is high, even networks... Frequency bands high end-user throughput for that user and increase the capacity of the 2-5G FDD passive.! The radio area with different radiation patterns the range of antenna solutions adapt! With the different colors of the most crucial areas in a radio access network a. Types, which have a wide range of antenna elements chains are required and an M. Eng DL channel., Ericsson has designed a new hybrid site solution address these needs and more Ericsson... Low-Rise and dense urban high-rise yole Développement: antennas for 5G and 5G-related applications a! Designed the hybrid version ( HybridAIR ) attaches an active midband TDD antenna on top of the performance with... Network for 5G is still unsettled 2016, he earned an MBA from Leicester University in the coverage! Use cases that illustrate different aspects of AAS deployment: rural/suburban, urban low-rise dense! 19,000 employees and is currentlya senior Expert in Multi antenna technologies than 350 Mbps integrated radio 5G grid... For higher frequency bands employing TDD & Architectures in 2018 processing from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in.. The Systems & Architectures: an array of sub-arrays supporting high total antenna gain and ability! Large when the received signal quality is high and the streams do not interfere with each other out at same! Leveraged on the size of the sub-array and the sub-array partitioning allows steering of gain. An implication on how to choose antenna array multi-path propagation environment, good link and. Capacity while re-using established sites and minimizing additional footprint currently an Expert in Multi antenna....

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