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Forecasts on the course and prospects of VertCoin

The forecast for VTC cryptocurrency for 2018 is quite optimistic. For a very long time, the rate of this cryptocurrency kept at 10 cents per coin. But from April-May 2017, gradual growth increased indicators to $ 5 per coin. The introduction of new features makes it possible to assume that the rate by the end of this year will be $ 10.

  • VertCoin capitalization – $ 172,000,000;
  • daily turnover of 60.5 million cu – the seventh place among the world cryptocurrencies.

The growth in popularity is also due to the introduction of new Atomic Swap technology, which allows exchanging cryptocurrency without the participation of third parties. Miners are already successfully changing VertCoin to Litecoin, or VertCoin to Bitcoin. In October, an operation was successfully carried out to exchange LTC for VTC, which allows you to see the immediate prospects for VertCoin in the market.

As a result, Vertcoin increased by 50%, and capitalization indicators raised it to 83rd place (from 103rd). Founders and developers do not plan to stop, which means the course will grow steadily.

At the same time, the VTC market is unstable and unpredictable.

Automatic chart of the rate of VertCoin to the dollar:

How to create a VertCoin wallet in the system

The cryptocurrency site provides links for downloading virtual money wallets. Programs are adapted to work with popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac. Android, IOS platforms will make web wallets and mobile currency storage convenient.

The digitized currency allows you to carry out financial transactions without geographical reference. Paying for goods and services through cryptocurrencies has become even more affordable and profitable.

VTC developers have created the fairest mining conditions, constantly improve the system and increase security.

For convenience, a VertCoin paper wallet is provided. The tools for making such storage of savings will be a PC, a printer, and an Internet connection. Before starting work on creating a Vertcoin wallet, check your PC for malware. Turn on the computer and go to the Github website, unzip and open the index.html file directly on your personal computer, disconnect the Internet connection and perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • select VertCoin and click on the button “Create a new address”;
  • using a printer, print a paper wallet in good resolution (do not save it as a PDF file, it is not safe);
  • bend along the fold lines (one part will go into the other and the Vertcoin wallet will be fastened);
  • actively share the open address with cryptocurrency users;
  • the key must be kept behind seven seals – this is a guarantee of protection and safety.

Before you start withdrawing large amounts, try to withdraw small funds. This step will ensure yourself against failures and losses.

Cryptocurrency miners always communicate on the official forum, where they receive answers to any questions.

How to get cryptocurrency: where to buy and exchange

Vertcoin coin provided on Yobit cryptocurrency exchange. On this resource, you can freely buy any virtual money for real: dollars, rubles, euros. The EXMO exchange will sell bitcoins for fiat money, and Poloniex already has bitcoins that, after verification, can be exchanged for very coins. We select a VTC / BTC pair – create a purchase order – choose a price and quantity – make a deal. How to earn digital coins? VertCoin cannot be obtained using powerful commercial mining systems. The developers made the extraction economically unprofitable since special equipment is more expensive than the estimated profit.

Basic principles:

  • decentralization – safe and fair redistribution of coins between mining participants;
  • demonopolization – mining of vertcoins can be done from any PC.

In general, VertCoin mining is similar to Bitcoin mining.

The first step in working before coin mining is the creation and server synchronization of the official wallet. The next step will be to create a VertCoin.conf file with settings for mining vertcoins in the wallet installation folder, where the VertCoin-qt.exe file is located. The official site provides all the necessary settings.

The start of the wallet and farm occurs with the necessarily open port 9332.

It is worth noting that mining VertCoin allows you to combine mining with another cryptocurrency. A personal computer and a miner can profit in more than one cryptocurrency. Vertcoin allows you to maintain anonymity.

The work on the development of the block lasts no more than 150 seconds. This period is enough to get 50 coins with a design capacity of 84 million. After passing each block, complexity is recalculated.

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